Paytm’s Unique Selling Point – Huge Discounts


Along with the jingle” Paytm Karo”, the digital payment wallet, Paytm has also hooked its customers with the unique discounts and offers that it showcases occasionally. Paytm comes up with discounts, coupons, vouchers and other sale offers that keep the customers hooked on to the app. This business strategy has worked well in line with improving the company’s position and making it one of the top performers amongst its competitors. 

The business model on which Paytm works distinguishes it from contemporary players. Let’s look at the strategies which Paytm uses to have an edge above the rest. 

Paytm’s Business Model Uncovered 

The mobile payments and financial service company functions under the parent company One97 Communication founded in 2007 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Paytm has established itself as India’s leading payment app. Around 300 million Indians use Paytm to make payments, while around 20 million merchants and businesses use Paytm to fulfil their transactions digitally. The company has ignited the digital revolution in India and is on its way to bringing around 500 million unreserved Indians to the mainstream economy. Along with this aim, Paytm has also made its mark by deploying better business strategies to expand its user base. The most revolutionary strategy proved to be the offers and discounts that it uses to attract its customers. Here’s all that you need to know about the business strategy of Paytm. 

Discount & Coupons 

The company leverages coupons, discounts, offers and other lucrative options to entice the customer into buying the products and services the platform promotes. Offers like: 100% cashback deals, Promo Codes, vouchers for transactions with a new merchant, etc. The most famous one of them is 50% cashback on movie, train, booking, and mobile recharges. 

Paytm understands the importance of leveraging the power of discounts and coupons and has used this strategy as a unique selling point to acquire more customers. Since most of the contemporary digital payment apps provide all the other features, what separates Paytm from them, are these offers and vouchers. It is said that this strategy is leveraged not to increase the revenue directly but to increase customer loyalty, which will indirectly boost income. Apart from discounts and coupons, Paytm also uses other strategies to stay on top of the game. Some of these strategies are:

Sponsored Events: To increase its visibility and reach, Paytm also works in the direction of sponsoring events. Paytm cracked a title sponsorship deal with BCCI and gained immense popularity and engagement. Apart from sports events, Paytm also sponsors online events to increase its visibility. 

Marketing Campaigns: Along with sponsorship, Paytm also makes connections with leading brands to advertise their products and run their marketing campaigns to expand their user base. Tying up with leading brands from different sectors helps target a vast user base and improve brand awareness. 

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, Paytm also makes use of some indirect sources to generate revenues, like Paytm Mall, Bill payments, Bookings, and Digital gold, to name a few. The revenue is also generated by using payment processing and subscription revenues. 

Revenues earned from these channels have made this online payment gateway one of the best in the country. The company’s financial statements are evident that Paytm has been growing and flourishing in the past few years, and so has the performance of its shares.You can buy Paytm shares to make profits from the growth of the company. 

Paytm Financial Details 

Starting with the latest financial figures and statistics, the revenue of the company has seen a rise in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2023. The company has earned revenue from operations accounting for Rs. 7,990 Cr, which has seen a 61% YoY. The revenue was Rs. 2,334 crore, which showed a 51% YoY growth. Additionally, the revenue from the Payment Services rose to Rs. 1,467 crores which means a 41 % year-on-year growth. The loan distribution business also flourished as the revenue of financial services grew by 183% in the fourth quarter. The commercial and cloud revenue also showed a spike in Q4-FY32023 as the revenue increased by 23% YoY. The financial figures for the entire year, along with the company’s fourth-quarter performance, have given a positive outlook for the company’s growth potential. 

Looking at the overall performance of Paytm, the finance technology company has shown consistent financial performance throughout and works on a promising business model. These signs indicate a good performance of the share on the stock market. If you want to be a part of the growth journey of this fintech company, buying shares in the company can be a good option. Stockify is one of the best online trading platforms for buying and selling shares. You can get a professional consultation from experts and the most competitive prices for the shares. Visit the platform to start your trading journey now!