Why Should You Pursue A Electric Vehicle Course In 2023?

Electric Vehicle Course

The global automobile industry is flourishing and demanding experienced yet certified talents to handle the technical and non-technical aspects proficiently. The electric vehicle industry is exponentially growing due to ongoing climatic concerns, and building a career in the flourishing sector is the best way to have a promising future. Currently, the demand for electric vehicles is rapidly increasing as they are more effective in reducing the carbon footprint and are economical. Automobile companies in Austria, Germany, Spain and the UK have hired over 3.5 million automobile engineers. Likewise, in India, there is a need for 20 million EV engineers, qualified researchers, skilled technicians and trained labours. The constantly scaling EV industry brings opportunities for freshers, experienced and candidates who want to switch jobs and enter this growing industry.

According to AmbitionBox (a popular job review and rating website), in India, the salary range for an electric vehicle engineer is between Rs 1.8 LPA to Rs 9.0 LPA, and the average package is Rs 3.6 LPA. The compensation will expand due to the continuous growth of the EV industry and the surging demands of electric vehicle engineers. However, due to the limited academic curriculum about vehicle production, battery management systems, and charging infrastructure, budding electric vehicle engineers often go wrong and reach nowhere. Here we have listed a bunch of benefits of pursuing an electric vehicle course and the best electric vehicle course in Mumbai to shape a career in the EV industry.

Bright Future as Industry is Growing Rapidly

The electric vehicle industry is booming, bringing countless opportunities to young and fresh talents. As per the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry will employ more than five crore people directly and indirectly in the next few years. Various industry experts are trying to bring advancement in the vehicles and streamline everything so that EVs can be normalised.

Sharpen Your Skills And Be Unique

All the popular automobile companies across the globe are planning to manufacture electric vehicles leaving the traditional manufacturing practices. They need trained, skilled, certified professionals who can flawlessly handle technical and non-technical aspects. In India,very few people are aware of the electric vehicle course in Pune. Thus, you will stand out from the rest and be skillful.

Government Supported Industry

The government of India is pushing the EV industry as traditional vehicles are significant contributors to air pollution and dispersing free carbon. By 2030, GOI plans to change 30% of private cars, 70% of commercial cars, and 80% of two- and three-wheelers into electric vehicles to overcome the ongoing climate concerns and revolutionising the automobile industry. As electricity is affordable, charging vehicles will be more economical than refueling.

EVs Will Lead The Automotive Industry

Amid global climate concerns, electric cars will soon replace the existing fuel-based vehicles. All the automotive companies, including Tata, Mahindra, Renault, and Kia, have already introduced their EVs to the market and are continuously working towards innovation. Pursuing an electric vehicle course in Pune will help you become a skilful professional and secure a fruitful future in an exponentially growing industry.

Everyone Is Upgrading Their Vehicles

Nowadays, most people are upgrading their two-wheelers, three-wheelers, or four-wheelers to electric vehicles, contributing their bit to fight against the ongoing climate concerns. In the future, the number of such individuals will rise, making it an excellent field to pursue a career.

The Best EV Course

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