How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach NEET 2022?

How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach NEET 2022?

We all are aware of how competitive NEET, the medical entrance test, is. Not necessarily every study technique works for everyone, experimenting with a few along the way and understanding what works is important to bring the best and effective outcome. 

Most of the students tend to re-read textbooks and notes, however, as per recent research, demonstrations depict that this may not be the most effective way. The use of active learning strategies such as quizzes, flashcards, diagrams is comparatively more effective in the long run. This is as effective as jumbling different topics and spacing out learning over time. 

5 Approaches To Be Adapted To Ace NEET 2022

1. Avoid mere re-reading 

Reiterating information does not generate permanent memories. There seems to be no improvement in learning by just reading it once. During your first read, a lot of it is understood. In the second read, you sense the why’s and how’s. More often than not, information is not deeply processed, re-reading gets cursory. It makes one feel that the content is very well known, but in reality, there are gaps. 

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2. Quiz yourself 

Once you have read, ask yourself a lot of questions. You can either make your own questions, use existing questions or refer to a question bank. Try retrieving that information, which actually gives more robust learning. 

In case you are not able to retrieve information when questions are not answered correctly; it still provides a diagnostic on what is not known. This enlightens one to know which topics are to be reflected. The how, why or what helps one comprehend the topic deeply and gain insights to be able to answer any type of question. 

3. Flashcards 

Another great way of learning is the use of flashcards. It may be easier to answer questions seen on the flashcard and can be extracted out of the deck once answered right. Turns out, this may not be as good. It is vital to repeat the act of retrieving from memory while preparing for NEET. Keeping the correct item in the deck and encountering it again can be beneficial. You may want to practice the incorrect items, but constant exposure to the ones you got right already can help retain that bit of information. Avoid mindless repetition. 

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4. Use of Mnemonics

One tactic that can be adapted is that of interlinking concepts that are already known to those that are not known. Try relating new information to information already known to learn better and cover unlearnt topics at a better pace. 

For instance, if you are learning about inhalation and exhalation, you might as well go through related diagrams to understand the process and might as well cover the mechanism of breathing to completely understand the topic. All this is to be mindfully covered, keeping in mind whether the topics are mapped to the NEET 2022 syllabus or not. 

5. Space out your studying 

Most students rely on last-minute studying, repeating and reiterating all the information at the eleventh hour. However, in the long run, this may not be a good idea as it may allow you to do fine the next day, not on the day of the examination. Space out your learnings evenly over a period of time and avoid rushing. Practice some part of it each day, use flashcards and pick them out the next day and then the day after and so on. 

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