Are Sober Houses Any Different from Detox Clinics?

Are Sober Houses Any Different from Detox Clinics

Detox clinics are places where you get to cleanse your body using medicinal procedures. On the other hand, in sober houses, you get to practice sobriety skills without any medical intervention. Many people confuse these two types of facilities and end up reaching out to the wrong place. The latter is like a home away from home, wherein you can relax, rest, and recuperate before you move back into your regular life. Here are a few other differences between the two.

Detox Clinics are Required in Initial Stages

Detox centers are very much essential, for only here you will get the necessary treatments to move out of addictions successfully. It is an important part of recovery if you have been addicted to drugs for a long time. There, your body will be cleansed from toxic drugs clinging to your blood, using medicinal drugs and treatments. You will also receive several therapies, counseling, and attend other activities like group meetings, etc. In sober houses however, you won’t be getting any medical support. This is a place where you will practice the therapies you learnt in detox and rehab centers.

You will Experience Positivity in Your Stay

Since these sober living homes are designed to be a relaxing spot for people recovering from addictions, they are naturally tuned towards positivity. Residents in the houses are encouraged to grow optimistic. They are shown a better way to live their lives, a life without any influence from drugs. You will find the environment to be much more pleasing than that of a detox clinic or a rehab center. There, your activities are limited to following treatments, but here, you are free to do anything, anything but drugs, of course.

Find Support from Peers Who Have Won Over Addiction

There are thousands of people who join sober houses these days. Many of them find these places to be very welcoming. The residents are all community oriented and they support each other to stay sober. They encourage each other during their hard times such as relapse and withdrawal. This kind of peer support is present in detox centers too, but it is very much different here. The people are much more relaxed, and they will help you calm down too.

You Practice Several Life Skills in the Center

An important thing that sets sober houses apart from detox clinics is that, here, you will be provided training related to several life skills and employment skills. Many sober homes have partnered with skill management companies to train their residents with what they need. These skills include training for jobs, resume building, job application and tracking, and so on. The house managers help you gain new survival skills and when you finally step out of these homes you will get into the society as a confident individual.

The centers per se don’t provide any medical assistance, but in case you need any urgent care for drug related emergencies, you will be taken to hospitals for treatment or the in-house medical staff will attend to you.